Why You Should Let Your Kids Play With Mud

toddler playing with mudIf you’re like me, you’ll remember your mom scolding you everytime you get your hands dirty playing mud out in the rain. I was a curious toddler and I would always be out in the garden squishing mud between my fingers and making mud pies with my sister. Turns out that what I was doing is good for child development! Who knew?

Researchers have discovered that there are many benefits of playing with mud. Here are our top 2 reasons why you should allow and even encourage your toddler to play with mud.

Development Of Their Fine and Gross Motor Skills

In simple words, it means developing their physical abilities. By playing with mud, they will be using their hand to grab, mould, mix and shape the mud. Doing all these increases their ability to control their hands and fingers!

Improves Mood

Now this is something that you would not believe. Researchers have found that there is a certain type of bacteria found in mud that increases the serotonin levels in our brains! For those of you who do not know, serotonin is the happy drug produced by our very own body. If you still do not believe me, think about the difference between kids that play out in the mud and those that don’t. It’s clear that children who play in the mud are much happier than kids that stay indoors.